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Mandatory Vs Voluntary – Druid Hills POA

Druid Hills POA, Mandatory? Or Voluntary?

Druid Hills POA is lying about being a mandatory association, it’s been an on-going issue for quite some time. Many homeowner’s are moving out of the Druid Hills Subdivision. Due to harassment and misuse of “power” displayed by those who want to perpetuate their long-term goals and agenda. If associated with the Druid Hill’s Property Owners Association, or DHPOA. New homeowner’s  innocent buyers literally SCAMMED at real estate closings by the Druid Hills POA. No information  or documentation is given as to why they are paying. Being led to believe they “must” pay dues and join the Druid Hills POA and have no right to opt out – WRONG.

Seems that the issues with rogue associations like this one are a growing problem here in Colorado, and elsewhere. The intended purpose exploited, misused, not in concordance with the actual purpose of a HOA. In this case, a “POA”  meant to serve – protecting the best interest of the community and ALL homeowners. This is not happening, in fact the POA disregards some homeowners. Selectively picks them out year after year, persecutes them, then ignores them.

  • What is a Mandatory Association?
  • What is a Voluntary Association?
  • Where does that put the Druid Hills Property Owners Association?

First, in order to create a mandatory association there has to be 100% participation in the association.  hat is to say the deed restrictions creating an association must have been recorded before any property was sold to a buyer or any property which was sold would have to sign a consent and joiner agreeing to be a member of the association.  A mandatory association cannot have less than 100% participation because that would mean not everyone is a mandatory member.

Only when 100% of the lot owners agree    Once all lots are sold they are bound to the association.

Never happened.

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Bottom Line… the Property Owner’s Association in Druid Hills Florissant Colorado…

Druid Hills Property Owner's Association is NON Mandatory
Why should you care? Well, for one, did you know they are looking to eventually INCREASE dues upwards of $1500 a year? Think about those on fixed incomes, families, the elderly – or even Veterans. With no real intent of offering anything in return (as stated in their own documented words). Nothing of value  offered or exchanged. So why should we just allow this to happen? Reports of BOGUS liens filed against homeowners. VICTIMS, ripped off, used when there is no legal obligation whatsoever to support or otherwise “pay in” to this association period.

For more information on the true history of Druid Hills, the POA and HOA operating in this subdivision, please visit the History of Druid Hills.

All documents, legal findings referenced on  website can easily be accessed through Cripple Creek Court House in Teller County Colorado.

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