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The TRUTH about Druid Hills POA Sign

Druid Hills Property Owners Association misleading signDRUID HILLS NEWS LETTER 2017


The WOODEN front entrance Druid Hills sign was covered up by the POA’s fiber board street sign without permission they failed to  mention or care that the back WOODEN sign was  down landing in the road, as if the one post that broke was pulled down by a vehicle and not the wind as some may suggest. It seems to me that if the wind blew the sign down both posts would of broken and landed in the road.

I had written a letter of intent to David Rusterholtz that I would be retrieving the  front entrance sign that belonged to me and was part of this subdivision, I received no response from the Druid Hills POA and there  was no warning about the POA’s, intentions to covered up our heritage sign. Their disregard for property or lack of caring was evident when they damaged the wooden front entrance sign using it as a backboard for their street sign, speaking for myself I believe the Druid Hills POA wanted to steal the pleasure I had helping the community and destroy the Druid Hills heritage we have cherished  in this subdivision, I had many comments through the years, nice job and thanks for all your efforts maintaining the entrance signs..

The Druid Hills POA called the police saying ‘our sign is stolen’ and they bought the entrance signs, what entrance sign did they buy, the one near the highway with their logo is still there, what are they talking about, Davis Rusterholtz is still saying ‘pending stolen sign’ at their meeting on 4-19-18.  Truth is the Developer of this subdivision bought the two entrance signs in 1970 or 1971 when our subdivision was developed and DIANA FORACI (me) has maintained both the front and back entrance signs for the past 31 years.

Why David Rusterholtz President of the Druid Hills POA lied to the police wasting their valuable time by saying the POA purchased the wooden signs were they thinking of forging some receipts, lucky I gave the police the developers son’s number to confirm the truth that there was no HOA or POA back then in 1971 and his dad Ken Barber bought the wooden entrance signs, is hard to comprehend and that they actually expect people to believe they bought those entrance signs in 1971 when the Druid Hills POA deceptively formed in 1985.

The DHPOA seems to make a habit of calling the DHHOA unofficial and misleading HOA, they have no business bothering me for dues, I have a business to run, the HOA, I never joined the POA or ever paid dues, so why keep sending me notices to pay your association I am not a member, filing a fake lien on my property signed by David Simmons,  added fuel to all the evidence I have record of,  I have no contract with the POA, why on earth would I even want to be a member of such a fraudulent association that would take my money and spend it on lawyers to go after somebody else, that’s not very American of the POA, owning land is the American Dream.

Some of us started out like the pioneers, but we have it all, never had a mortgage always paid cash, lived pay check to check, worked outside our area, mostly out of state I worked on Victorian Homes, restoration work and later as a contractor painter/roofer while my husband is professional carpenter, working in this area was difficult as if someone had blacklisted us, someone spreading bad rumors, wonder who. HUM  But maybe it was Colorado and the slow economy, who knows. The crew working on the house across the street from me are from Washington State and the new owner is real nice, what a god-send, compared to my other neighbor the neighbor from hell.  If you have a neighbor from hell, lets swap stories, who is the biggest nightmare.

The Druid Hills POA keeps telling everyone they are a mandatory association when I know they are not, well POA lets see some proof that you are what you say you are, your papers please, lets see that you are a validated association, lets see your actual ballots, and yes the votes that allowed your formation of your POA in 1985  with the majority consent and approval to do so, that you did abide by the rules and regulations  written in our covenants to form a POA in the first place, where the POA must have the majority vote. It’s ludicrous the POA has on their sign ‘covenant protected community’.

David the President of the Druid Hills POA is still talking about some nonsense about taking criminal action for stolen sign he claimed  was stolen a year ago, what stolen sign, he’s relentless and devious.  I was taught a man is remembered by his deeds, well just look at what the POA has done and what they are still doing to cause harm to good people.  They swore if they got the dues raised and collected enough money the money would be spent on lawyers to go after people.

David Rusterholtz has been a resident here on Lot 52 since 2011.  When the POA raised the dues in 2015 David  belonged to another ‘association’ in Denver and he has a high priced attorney Payne that has aided him in trying to change Druid Hills Subdivision losing our right of human decency and our rights to live in our subdivision in peace, forcing policies and by-laws upon us all, without our knowledge. consent or majority vote,  interfering with our property rights  and our pursuit of happiness.

Druid Hills POA
Lastly, I would like to mention the  front entrance looks like a advertisement billboard with all the political signs and sometimes for sale signs all over the place. Not to mention  the speed limit sign and the  neighborhood watch sign screwed unto the posts, where they also posted many other things in the past and left the staples and debris behind. As I see it, this is damage of Druid Hills property not belonging to the POA, they did not ask permission to put their sign up there and they have abused our posts and cluttered the area.

When I read the POA meeting agenda just recently, before they posted hardly nothing, now they have 16 meetings in 2017 and 5 in 2018 one is not up yet, and Walker I am writing a letter too, you take care of that mess over there, I see a bunch of trash on one side of your property.  And David that was outright intentional of you to buy up domains using my business name, have the druidhillshoa.com and .org redirect to your website, and I thought you were not worried about me the DHHOA according to MD. And again David this is your cup of tea ‘ stolen sign pending action by the board:criminal/civil court action, and please stop calling me a POA member, that’s insults my intelligence. And if I hear anymore slander on your part I will have to close the book on you and turn you into the authorities for hate crimes and malice. Wow how do you sleep at night And Mike Holmes and Tim Gray thanks for taking part in the Lien Team And Violation Committees good luck with that. And finally that announcement about possibly taking down the posts this summer, do not tamper with what does not belong to you, that is why the letters were put on the top post, PROPERTY HOA.

Plus I do not appreciate a David Simmons stopping and being rude, getting out of his car and asking if I had receipts, or a deed to put letters on the sign post that’s intimidation Mr. and harassment especially when I talked away after I asked for your name. I need to talk to some authorities, about your approaching me the way you did.

Honestly, take a good look at the front entrance, see for yourself, all the signs the POA has erected.  Then take a look at Lot 52 on Obsidian where more of the same political signs are, you guess it, David’s place, I really don’t want David for a commissioners and pull the same tactics he has introduced to our subdivision. Commissioners are for the people, they have the right stuff, I know I am voting for the other guy..




Click here for the formal complaint made Teller County Code Enforcement against POA

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I'm Diana Foraci, a long time resident of the Druid Hills located in Florissant Colorado. I'm the owner of this site, representing the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association which represents this community in Good Faith, with Honor and Integrity.

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  1. POA really turned our subdivision upside down with all this stupidity. We hate driving in and seeing that stupid sign of theirs hanging when we don’t ask for their association to be here. I think us druid hills property owners need to just go rip it down. That dumb flag thingy waving in your face when we go to our mailbox is about to get ripped down too because we are sick of it. what right do they have and what the hell do they want? For years we have sat around wondering what the heck good is a association if all you do is pay into it for nothing! Too many people in here don’t know the truth and are just going along with this crazy stuff. We have known they are not supposed to send invoices out like they do and often wondered who gave them the idea they can do this in the first place. These poa people need to take their big ideas and go somewhere else with them and stop lying so much and they call themselves Christians!

    • Their ‘stupid sign’ is gone! What an eye sore to see a street sign replacing the original wooden sign. Nobody gave the POA permission to hang their street sign up, or tack it to the original wooden sign putting holes in it. What disrespect!

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