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May 2nd 2018 Meeting at TCSO

2018 Meeting at TCSO Divide Co: The Sheriff Jason Mikesell voiced his concerns about an emergency event, such as fire, and the need to contact people to evacuate in a hurry in an organized manner. As all phone lines and other communication devices do not work, the next best form of communication that does work, is CB or HAM Radios. I have one that Cecil Stambaugh gave me, but it is not set up because I do not have a license to operate a CB radio.

This meeting was intended for the presidents of all the local HOA and POA community associations in the area who have genuine interest in supporting their communities in times of crisis. I attended this meeting, and got some booklets on fire management that I will be happy to pass out, but I do not want to be labeled with trespassing as the POA has accused me of in the past when I passed out my newsletter on ‘The History of the Druid Hills’. I corrected the info sheet for Lusterholler to Rusterholtz for the Druid Hills Subdivision POA president, as none of them attended this meeting.

Their main concern was with 107 subdivisions in Teller County, and all the complaints they have gotten have the police overwhelmed, it is taking there valuable time to respond. The purpose of the meeting is to have people go on their website instead where the police, such as Renee Bunting, can monitor problems. Go to tellercountysheriff.com, nixel, and then next door, found on their website.

Some other problems were discussed at the meeting about squatters, that do not own the property they are squatting on, and camping on property not owned by the campers being illegal. By the way, in a distasteful and immature attempt to be mean, the POA spread rumors that I was a squatter on my own land. John on Stonehenge told me that, when he moved into our subdivision. Just another way the POA has tried to slander my character, a disgusting way for an association to act.

Another issue was people are looking out for empty homes in our subdivision, such as when you go on vacation, or your home is a summer home, so they can break in and steal your guns and valuables. Rental properties in our subdivision, where non-members of the Druid Hills are firing off their guns without a back stop to stop the bullets can be charged with reckless endangerment. An example, David Rusterholtz’s renters are shooting at the rocks where bullets bounce off, with no backstop, and bullets sparking in our dry climate can be dangerous.

Fraudulent activity, you know who you are POA, the way I see it collecting assessments by force, threatening homeowners to pay dues or fake liens will be recorded with the Teller County Clerk and Recorder. By the way, the TCCR will file anything there are no restrictions to the rule.

Again, for the record, the Druid Hills POA formed without the consent or vote of any kind from the majority of people in the Druid Hills back in 1985, and did not have the majority vote to change our covenants in 2001 to their Declaration of 2001. In addition, filing 2 voted with 22 votes of 41 lots to opt out of a POA and their covenants. The POA also had 22 votes plus 2 more from Tract A and B which should not count they are not lots, but Vickie and Kim had a lot riding on their part in the deal, by giving Tract B to the POA. This was understood that the POA promised by swapping Tract B for our easements, losing the right to fish, changing our covenants to their advantage, putting up a fence five feet from the road and never having to pay dues to the POA – Vickie and Kim gave the POA common ground. The POA did not pay for the ownership of Tract B. The way I see it, a Quiet Claim that no lawyer wants to get involved in. They called it a Quit Claim Deed, anyone can contest the deed.

The Druid Hills Subdivision, frontage property, where Tract B had seven ponds and tract A had a huge pond where Mrs. Quick and the Stambaugh family ice skated before some POA members that hated animals trapped and killed the beavers causing the dam to break on Tract A and Tract B left unmaintained. Wildlife that enjoyed the ponds were Beavers, Trout, Mallard ducks, Canadian geese, Red-winged Black birds, occasional Crane, and Rocky Mountain Blue birds, all now rarely seen or gone completely, and the beavers are not present on Tract B.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s conservation programs, including programs and policies such as the Conservation Stewardship Program, Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Conservation Reserve Program, the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program, Sod saver, and Conservation Compliance. These programs are critical for protecting habitat for black-footed ferrets, migratory birds and pollinators, threatened songbirds such as the Sprague’s pipit and Cassin’s sparrow, and many more grassland species. These programs also provide the support our farmers and ranchers need to invest in conservation of environmental resources on their lands, including soil and water, which provide invaluable public benefits.

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