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For the record, there is only one Druid Hills Home Owners Association (DHHOA), “HOA” operating in Druid Hills subdivision. In Florissant, CO Teller County.  And you are currently on the “OFFICIAL” site for this Druid Hills HOA Association.

A true reflection of their ill intent

The DHPOA, or “Property Owner’s Association” was nice enough to buy up domains that would literally  keep my association invisible. Out of THE GENERAL CIRCULATION.  Druid Hills HOA, otherwise known as “DHHOA”  all it’s relevant information, buried as far into cyberspace as possible.

If you type into your address bar, “www.druidhillshoa”  .com you will see it conveniently being redirected to “druidhillspoa.org”.  This tactic was used, for obvious reasons, and because of my not-so-distant past  not having a web developer. Therefore,  I was unaware of this until just recently.

They are hijacking domains

Although, I could probably fight this due to the fact they are hijacking domains,  which SPECIFICALLY mislead people into thinking they are the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association.  When they are the Druid Hills Property Owners Association.  They did this to obviously attempt to confuse people. As there is no other legitimate reason why. They would need all those domains pointing to the same website for our small rural mountain community. It is distasteful, immature, and a true reflection of their ill intent. To deliberate use of technology to spread their lies.  Instead of fighting it, I think it proves a much bigger point as to what we are dealing with in terms of unethical people trying to mislead our community.

When you visit the Druid Hills POA’s website, you get a peaceful, cozy, warm, and “inviting” feeling with pictures of local wildlife and these community “events” they like to promote (although hardly anyone goes to their meetings except the board members), but behind the smoke and mirrors, it is a more sinister reality. Such as secret meetings, where only the board members vote, not the majority of our community. Our subdivision is R-1 residential properties. David Rusterholtz, POA President states we have 100 condos in our subdivision to DORA. The POA President will not change this. In my opinion he is doing this to get a break in his individual tax return.

Please do not be mislead or fooled, there are two associations that operate in the Druid Hills Subdivision. In Florissant Colorado. They are both NON-mandatory, voluntary associations. The two are Druid Hills Home Owners Association or “HOA” or “DHHOA” and the Druid Hills Property Owners Association  “DHPOA” or “POA”.


Please read the History of Druid Hills for the truth on how this all started. From a 35 year resident homeowner. Who has been here from the beginning.  Provides history on what you need to know about your rights.  Remember if you pay the POA they will have monies to do what they want, total control. They believe they own your property in their neighborhood. *They go after homeowners who refuse to pay by having their Altitude Law collection agency be a mediator telling you their is no way you are going to win.


The Druid Hills HOA (Home Owners Association) is a voluntary association. Just the same as the Druid Hills POA (Property Owner’s Association. The Druid Hills HOA does not collect any dues from members, make demands, or otherwise challenge the rights of resident homeowners to enjoy their homes and properties in peace. Diana Foraci is a Druid Hills resident homeowner of 35 years in this rural subdivision located in Florissant, within Teller County Colorado. She knows it’s history well. The Druid Hills HOA sole purpose and mission is to protect the vested shared interest of this fine community. By promoting awareness of crucial issues, supporting newcomers, and protecting the safety and rights. Of home and property owners in our subdivision and to the social welfare of all public concerns outside our community.


About DruidHillsHOA

I'm Diana Foraci, a long time resident of the Druid Hills located in Florissant Colorado. I'm the owner of this site, representing the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association which represents this community in Good Faith, with Honor and Integrity.

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  1. Wow! I noticed that a few times because I was looking for your HOA when I heard of the issues with the other people and when I tried to find you it kept going to these people! so glad you got it figured out! Ive been looking at druid hills for awhile but have heard horrible experiences from people with that property group! I really hope you get the support you need because they really are out of line for sure.

    • Thanks for the support. Its been very difficult to find all the ways they have manipulated information and tried to discredit me and my association. I work in good faith, free of charge, and I disclose everything unlike the Druid Hills POA who tries to say they are a mandatory association and put illegitimate liens on resident properties for dues that are not mandatory. I have been a resident of the Druid Hills for 35 years, this my home, and residents deserve to be left in peace and without this type of deceptive take over. Thank you.

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