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Total Control Over Homeowners – A Brief History over-powered

“Did we know of these over-powered homeowner associations and their bozo board members? Gestapo camps without the barbed wired? I am surprised they didn’t build gas chambers inside the communities to get rid of all of us who want our rights back.”

The above is an excerpt from Homeowners Supporting Homeowners in Associations, as found in the American Homeowners Resource Center (AHRC) article, “Beware The Associations”(www.ahrc.com).

Ever wonder how and why homeowners associations (also known as “HOAs”) ever got started in this country? And why they have continued for so long? Well, in the series of letters to the editor which may follow this one, we will find the answers to those questions. For now, however let’s look at the beginning of what would ultimately be called “homeowner associations”–not only in Colorado, but in every state in our nation. Over-powered associations taking over!

In the beginning, cities and developers got their heads together and wondered if some kind of housing that was legislatively mandated for home buyers might not be an instant fix for the financial hunters of the servicing cities. Finally, they figured it out Developers and home builders started constructing what are called” condominiums” a new type of single family home subdivision–both of which had something new added “amenities.” And the maintenance responsibilities for the amenities in both types of housing were turned over to the homeowners when they bought their condominiums and houses in the new subdivision. To make sure the homeowners paid for the maintenance costs, board of directors in these new condominiums and subdivisions would be authorized to collect those costs through what was (and still are) called “assessments.” Homeowners also had to pay monthly or annual “dues”  to live in these new subdivisions. It was necessary for the home buyer to sign this type of sales contract if/ when they bought into most, if not all, condominiums and subdivisions which had these new” amenities.”

They worked very nicely for the developers and builders. That is, they began to make a lot of money because the homeowners paid for maintaining swimming pools, landscaping,gardeners, utilities, and other costs of maintenance. Cities no longer were responsible for paying for those services. But ( surprise for the homeowners), the cities still collected property taxes from each homeowner who lived in those new types of housing. It’s called “double taxation” these days. That is, you are”taxed” (dues and assessments) by your homeowners association, then you are taxed again by your cities or counties.

The introduction of government mandated homeowners associations in our American society was a great idea for making the power-and-money seekers among us very, very wealthy. But many, if not-most, homeowners associations were, and still are, a social, legal and financial nightmare for the home and property owners who live in them. Over-powered associations taking over!

Stay tuned for information about group-think, socialistic learning-toward-fascism types of aberrant people who actively seek out positions on homeowners associations’ board of directors, and the damage/ harm to people and things they do in their quasi-public official positions. These controlling-type people gather around them wannabe-dictator cabals–which appear to be akin to Mafia “family” in order to swing their HOA’s votes toward whatever the dictatorial boards want. These type of people also appear to just love living in HOA’s where they can freely exercise their almost total control over homeowners and everything else that has to do with their government-mandated homeowners associations.

Jan Jackson


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