Beware neighbor against neighbor


       I should of written this letter many years ago, since I am continually harassed by a group of people within my subdivision , Druid Hills. They single out people that cannot afford to fight back.

          In, 1985, another group of people tried to form a property owners association (POA). While they never got the majority of votes of the people who resided in the subdivision, this group formed a POA anyway, illegally.  They sent  a letter out telling everyone who owned property in the subdivision that there was a POA and to pay dues. I opposed these illegal beginnings of the POA: therefore, this group has harassed me through the years. Undoubtedly, “malicious prosecution and harassment by using law enforcement for groundless complaints” has to stop.

          Furthermore, with all the numerous violations I was accused of committing, I was never convicted of a violation or summons. Still my privacy and character was wrongfully attacked. Eventually, the county and building department stopped listening to the complaints.

          In 2006, the complaints began again and went after my dogs; I arranged a meeting with animal control officers to inform them of the motives of this group, hoping to stop the groundless complaints.  The law should protect property owners from the scrutiny of individuals that take joy in causing trouble for others. This excessive abuse has to stop and the rumors put in there place, the trash can. In reality, there must be just cause, legitimate complaints, where proper legal process is used.

          Law abiding citizens like myself in this subdivision who were and are under the scrutiny of the POA’s meeting of minds on a course of action, eventually sold and moved out of the subdivision. The individuals that stayed in this subdivision are harassed numerous times each year with letters of a threatening nature. The victimized  individuals are usually people who oppose  the POA, are working class, and have resided in this subdivision the longest.

          The Druid Hills Subdivision was and can be a pleasant place to live; we don’t need to be under the influence of this kind of group. This is suppose to be “Land of the Free, Freedom of Rights, and The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness.”

          Now, I am sadly watching the same type of harassment or wrongful conduct orchestrated against another resident who has lived here nearly two decades victimized by the same group of individuals whose agenda again doesn’t match their publicly stated purpose.


Diana Foraci


Feb. 27, 2007

The Mountain JP







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I'm Diana Foraci, a long time resident of the Druid Hills located in Florissant Colorado. I'm the owner of this site, representing the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association which represents this community in Good Faith, with Honor and Integrity.

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