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GREAT NEWS March 20, 2019  10am  Teller County Court House in Cripple Creek for the Druid Hills HOA.

The Druid Hills HOA , Diana Foraci is taking the Druid Hills POA to court, demanding them to ‘show cause’ as to the Spurious Lien why the DHPOA has any right to demand money from Diana Foraci in 2018.  Therefore, Diana Foraci’s, attorney’s has undertaken these pleadings, a petition to remove spurious lien and to show cause.




Therefore, time has come to call out the DHPOA for FRAUD, ‘enough is enough’ they must account for their actions.  As a result of their tyrannical existence in the Druid Hills Subdivision. Due to, a small POA group that repeatedly goes after homeowners that go against them, putting spurious liens on their homes/properties. If the POA  cannot attack their intended person of interest with county complaints, code enforcement or the sheriff’s department then they go after their animals via animal control as a form of harassment.

Druid Hills POA Deception in the Druid Hills Subdivision

The Illegal Practice as Impostors

Is this happening to you


Consistently, tormented by the POA, homeowners are singled out for telling the truth. More over, the POA spreads rumors against them.

Of course, the POA/Attorney discredits an innocent homeowner trying to help the community in good faith for exposing the truth.

One homeowner has expressed

In addition, just today Jan.26, 2019, I received a phone call from a homeowner saying ‘ I do not pay them, they do nothing for me’.


The Druid Hills HOA

Because, numerous unproductive attempts to dissolve the POA in the past have been fruitless with consequences. A painstaking undertaking to try to stop the POA with their fraudulent activity. Besides, this is the first time someone has taken the POA to court for misconduct and misrepresentation concerning their actions,  as an association representing our community. While, having no account for the consequences, the POA causes with relentless ‘groundless complaints. Through malice and hate crimes against an individuals constitutional rights. Hence, one homeowners is saying ’no more’ ‘enough’ they pushed and pushed!


           Druid Hills Homeowner Association- founded 2015

                    FOR OUR COMMUNITY

More importantly,  it is my obligation to do something, stand up for our rights against dictators, and maintain our pursuit of happiness, I hope that by petition to remove spurious lien and show cause is the first step to resolve the malicious wrongful conduct. Unfortunately, I cannot take back the hurt they have done to others in this subdivision and cause them to move, I will do everything possible to stop the hate crimes, and fake liens that the majority of POA members put on our properties. The POA acquired  a reputation of tyrants all these years. Consequently, I still hear the comments from the POA at their annual meeting, ‘WE GOT RID OF HER’ sadly they joked over their feat of accomplishment in getting rid of one more person.

Therefore, sorrowfully I cannot bring back the people that left this subdivision in tears and disgust because of the POA and their cohorts convinced authorities otherwise to support them.  However I can take the POA to court and expose them for what they are FRAUDS and possibly dissolve them so they can no longer hurt people in this subdivision, this is our time to rise above the dictatorship the POA tries to bestow upon us!


Misconduct,-intentional wrongdoing-improper behavior -mismanagement

Deception, -the act of deceiving-fraud

Conspiracy, an agreement among conspirators-plot-to plan secretly an unlawful act

Malfeasance, -wrongful conduct-by public official

Extortion –to obtain (money) by force  or improper pressure

Racketeering a act to extort money or advantages from business (POA) by threats or unlawful interference

Rico Act– activity performed as a part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. An act or threat involving extortion or relating to mail fraud or embezzlement affecting the Druid Hills Subdivision.

Druid Hills POA Dishonest Actions

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Diana Foraci

Druid Hills HOA- DHHOA



About DruidHillsHOA

I'm Diana Foraci, a long time resident of the Druid Hills located in Florissant Colorado. I'm the owner of this site, representing the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association which represents this community in Good Faith, with Honor and Integrity.

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