Whom are the vicious ones?

           On Monday, Feb. 12, I was awakened by a phone call from Jackie-she was crying and having difficulty breathing, had pain in her chest; her left arm had gone numb and part of her left side of her face had gone numb. I told her she should immediately call 911 as she might be having a heart attack or stroke. She told me she didn’t want to call 911 because she was afraid she might have to go to the hospital and she did not want her animals to be alone as she was afraid somebody might try to harm them. I told her I would come over and sit with her animals, I went over to her house and by the time I got there she had calmed down and had taken a couple of aspirin.  The attack had been precipitated by a phone message saying that a petition was being circulated by a few member of the Druid Hills POA.

            Whatever happened to the good old fashioned way of just being a good neighbor and going to talk to whoever’s property or animals are being bothersome, finding out what their problem is and offering some help? It might take a little finesse to approach a neighbor about the cluttered condition of their property, or their animals running loose or barking- it might take  a little understanding (walk a mile in another’s shoes before condemning them) – and it might  require offering a little help.

            Have any of those whining neighbors even approached Jackie to let her know how they feel about her animals? She had lived there for 18 years apparently with not one complaint and all of a sudden, now because of an unfortunate escape of a few of her animals in late December, a few member of the Druid Hills POA are barraging the sheriff’s office  and the zoning board with daily complaints about her animals barking and being vicious and dangerous. Why, after no complaints in 18 years? But now they are harassing her daily and circulating a petition to remove her from the “hood.”

            I call their behavior “Taliban  tactics” used by a few abusive board members or officers of the POA. I am inclined to agree with Jan Jackson, who has written to you many times about how abusive and power hungry some HOA’s and POA’s have become. Maybe it’s time to do away with all HOA’s and POA’s. Right now, a few members of the Druid Hills POA are, in my opinion, violating Jackie’s civil rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by actually harassing her to the point of it being dangerous to her health and thereby obstructing her ability to put her full efforts toward moving from the “hood. ”They are hindering her when they should be helping her, Shame on them.

            Jackie’s animals are not vicious. I’ve been in her yard numerous times with her animals. They have come up and nuzzled and licked my hands. I think Bears and Mountain Lions, big dogs that run loose are much more dangerous than Jackie’s animals. In fact, I told Jackie that maybe she should put a big sign in her yard, ”Don’t  be afraid of my animals, but BEWARE OF MY VICIOUS NEIGHBORS!”

Jackie's Animals
In Loving Memory

            I know for a fact that Jackie has been trying to find a place with more property for herself and her animals to move to. In fact, about one year ago, I went with Jackie to look at a piece of property(35 acres) north of Woodland Park that she was hoping to buy. However her funding fell through. She told me at that time she really wanted to move as she didn’t like her neighbors anymore. Can you blame her for feeling this way since she no longer trusts her neighbors and is afraid for her animals? This same group that is whining and complaining daily to every county agency and appeared before the County Commissioners on Feb 8 to whine and complain more has bothered and harassed many other residents in Jackie’s neighborhood.

            It’s really funny. You think that the “pack” behavior is exclusive among the four-legged (wolves, dogs, hyenas, coyotes, etc.) ,but don’t bet on it. Just look at the “pack” behavior among Jackie’s two-legged Taliban Tormentors.

Dar Conran


February 27, 2007

 The Mountain JP

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