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It seems the POA gave nothing after collecting dues in our subdivision, that is beyond fraud and misappropriation of funds. If the POA can’t do what they are supposed, because they cannot find volunteers, they spend the money to hire someone. You should not have to pay the POA then have to pay someone else to get your wood/slash chipped. Some are doing just that, renting a chipper. When the snow falls, the road plow will not plow with wood piles on the road.

Pictures of the slash piles in the Druid Hills Subdivision

Hasn’t the Property Owner’s Association taken enough money from homeowners all these years and not shown where the money went. Goods or services not rendered by the POA, but Dinners and Socials just for the POA while others are slandered or causes harm from the POA. This is not how an association should carry out their business, all the lies and deception has to stop.

In the 35 years of real-world business, David Rusterholtz stated in his endorsement to run for the school board. He does not operate the business of the POA in good faith, this organization has hurt a lot of homeowners.


One homeowner named Shawn volunteered his services to run the chipper rented by the POA, after I ran this post. Power of the Pen

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I'm Diana Foraci, a long time resident of the Druid Hills located in Florissant Colorado. I'm the owner of this site, representing the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association which represents this community in Good Faith, with Honor and Integrity.

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