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Newsletter 2021

This Newsletter 2021 is notice as to inform homeowners of the truth here in the Druid Hills Subdivision. I have resided here long before the Property Owners Association (POA) formed. Without a single vote or consent to exist in our subdivision. The POA violated our covenants. That stated in paragraph 7, “if the majority of residents wish to form an association, the majority may do so”. No vote was ever recorded, verbally or on record in 1985. Still the POA sent out their first Newsletter in 1986 that they got the approval from the majority to form. That never happened it was a huge lie.

Nevertheless, the POA then decided in 2001 to rewrite our original covenants taking control of our subdivision. The votes were- falsified, because according to the By-laws ” one vote per household regardless of lots owned” . A rule submitted as law on file and recorded that the POA ignored having a vote for each lot owned. They deceived everyone when they lied. The truth is no matter how you see it; not enough votes to change our covenants. They did not meet the majority to pass for Filing 1. Out of 70 possible votes the POA had 33.5 for and 36.5 against . I filled the correct votes as proof with Teller County Clerk and Recorder.

The POA lied, manipulated the votes. By counting votes from people not owning property in the Druid Hills. Counting votes for each lot owned- per household, counted multiple votes for lots. Lots line vacated into one lot. The 57 % of votes recorded by the POA was wrong. Only 33.5 was justified as valid votes not the majority vote needed to pass their covenants. Still the POA refused to follow the rules, did what they wanted, regardless. Angry property owner’s complained against the POA. The POA Protective Covenants filed in June 29, 2001 is invalid,fraudulent. Homeowners refused to join or pay dues in our subdivision because the POA not operating in good faith. Deceiving everyone with lies, causing chaos in our subdivision.

The Founder and President of POA resigned in 2000. Due to the unrest, turmoil, and take over from the small group that represented the POA. His affidavit in 2002, I filed in court. Later I stated the POA did not get a single vote but formed anyway in 1985. During this time Filing 2 decided to opt out of all covenants.

They got the majority votes of 22 or 23 in June 2002 that, they filed on record with the county. The opposed POA lost with 16 valid votes in July 2002. Both documents For and Against are on record for all to see at Teller County Clerk and Recorder. Ask me I will get you the reception #’s

In addition, in July 2002, the POA advised voters that the opt out cancelled. Therefore, vote for the POA, as a result, households voted twice. The opposed opted out in June and again in July for the POA making those votes invalid. Still the POA ignored the truth that pertained to Filing 2 as the majority winner. Their refusal to follow the rules was a common misrepresentation. On record the only time the POA voted was in June 29 2001 and July 2002, both times, they lost.

David Rusterholtz was voted in by board members of the POA in 2015, at their annual meeting. Voted in as President, changes were made by his attorney on behalf of the POA. To rewrite our By laws, adopt policies, re record their protective covenants of 2001 in Nov. 3, 2016. That they based the liens on property owners lots for not paying dues. Regardless, the POA, a voluntary association, property owners invited to join stated many times in their newsletters. David Rusterholtz stated in the newspaper, in “Letters to Homeowners” that the POA was a mandatory association founded in 1971. Property owners had to abide according to the contract they signed when buying their property. That the POA was valid and demanded their existence to pay dues, another huge lie.

When I purchased my property in the Druid Hills, no POA existed. I am grandfathered, and was never a member of the POA, never joined or paid dues. Why would I want to be a member of a rouge association. That has assassinated my character, my good name, for over two decades. Slandered and hurt me maliciously using law enforcement for their groundless complaints against me. Lying to authorities on me, fabricating stories, the continual hate crimes & harassment against me was overwhelming.

Today,my neighbor sold her property she was told I did something against her property. I assume it was the POA board member or wife that spread this lie, how hateful. I called my neighbor told her I would never do such a thing, she did not believe the truth. She rather believe the lie not considering what the POA had done to her years ago. Saying to me “I don’t care”. She would not tell me who spread that rumor, therefore; I called the police hoping I could find out who was behind the lie, the deputy told me he could not force her to tell, but he said consider the source you have nothing to worry about.

When the POA could not do anything to me they went after my two dogs. One a puppy at that time in 2001. Branded me an owner of dangerous and vicious dogs, my neighbors were members of the POA. Went after me as did their co-horts that signed groundless complaints against me. By winning in court, my dogs were found innocent with no charges against me, that is victorious. Although, the harm was done. In order to remove from record the numerous complaints or charges with no convictions by the POA and. their cohorts. I would have to pay hundreds of dollars to remove the complaints on record, with no convictions,ever.

David Rusterholtz president of POA decided to put liens on homeowners properties for not paying dues. While others did not have to pay dues. Others were exempt for favors to the POA changing their 2001 covenants to benefits them. And giving Tract B to the POA at no charge. This favoritism and singling out those that the POA wanted to get rid of was common practice. If you did not pay you suffered the wrath of the POA. David Simmons signed those liens “To whom it may concern” is now Assessor of Teller County. Because my property value has increased tremendously. Where red flags should of gone up. No way is my tiny home that cost 16 k to build worth over 123k today. Plus there is no balance or equal value concerning square footage from one home to another in our subdivision.

Newsletter 2021 Newsletter 2021 Newsletter 2021 Newsletter 2021


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