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Newsletter 2022-In the Druid Hills Subdivision I counted 16 more homeowners selling their homes, exchanging title, just recently. Several properties going to a POA board member. Most likely for horse property. That is good because the 3.19 acres he had was not adequate for more than 3 horses. Still it feels like a take over by the POA, land grabbers.

After speaking to a long time resident of the Druid Hills they said the POA is falling apart, I wonder if that is because they cannot keep a Treasurer, or what? I know of five men that have not been very nice to me to say it kindly that are/were POA board members. Three I had to call the police about in fear of what they might do, Barry Ottley, Brian Walker and David Kirby Simmons. Any further conversation would of been dangerous for myself living in the same subdivision being confronted by them. Four board members of the Property Owners Association, POA signed to Foreclose on my land in 2020, they are most likely the following David Rusterholtz, Mike Holmes, Tom Lowman, Robert Brunkella or Brian Walker, because they were the board members in 2020.


If you believe the rumors spread by the POA consider the source, is their story fabricated a huge lie? The reputation of the Property Owners Association known for, such as; harassing homeowners in our subdivision. How many have moved out of our subdivision mainly from 2015 to present, why have they left? There is a “Doctrine of Unclean Hands” CRS38-28-101 of 2006. That states one should not go after another if their hands are not clean.

As a result, the POA’s constant hate and desire to destroy my reputation causing harm is a harassment tactic they viciously and maliciously lie about to others. They are prejudice towards homeowners that do not live up to their standards. Nevertheless, I am not (to this day) accepted in my profession as a house painter and roofer. That’s understandable, considering the intelligence of shamanistic men in these backwards times in rural America.

Furthermore, my reputation as a painter and craftsmanship in wood restoration of Victorian & Queen Anne Homes in Portland Oregon known as excellent workmanship displayed in my portfolio.

I am a graduate at the University of Idaho with 2 Bachelor of Science Degrees double major in Microbiology & Zoology, Veterinary Science minor, post graduate study in Clinical Lab Science (CLS) and worked as a Histology Technician at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Also worked as a Veterinary Technician in Portland Oregon. A member, honor student of PHI THETA KAPPA since 2009, student member of medical disciplines of numerous societies, such as; NSH National Society for Histotechnology, ASCP -Clinical Pathology, ASC- Cytopathology, NAVTA Veterinary Technician and CACVT as a student member and the American Society for Cytotechnology.



Born August 15, 1938 to May 18, 2020

Her friends called her “DAR”

This written passage by Dar below rang true to my life living in the Druid Hills Subdivision. As a result, the opportunity knowing Dar as a friend was a pleasure in my lifetime. She ran for County Commissioner but being a woman, men would not openly accept a woman running at that time for Commissioner.

Dar’s Quote:

” Don’t be afraid of my animals, but Beware of my Vicious Neighbors! “

We will all miss Dar, she was an inspiration in many ways! She enjoyed her life to the fullest, despite the obstacles she endured, she was one woman doing for us all.

Lately I have been contemplating these very known differences in our history, as if the take over in our subdivision is something like the definitions I have listed below.

  • What is the difference between socialism and communism? Key Differences Between Communism and Socialism

Under communism, there is no such thing as private property. … By contrast, under socialism, individuals can still own property. But industrial production, or the chief means of generating wealth, is communally owned and managed by a democratically elected government. Nov 4, 2020

Another example

How does communism differ from capitalism?In a capitalist economy, production is determined by free market forces such as supply and demand. In a communist economy, the government determines which goods and services get produced and how much is available at any given time. When the government controls supply and demand, it also controls prices. Nov 28, 2016

Sound familiar such a the rogue association taking over in our subdivision.

My reputation and the continual character assassination resulted from the Property Owners Association hate crimes for decades. The proof is evident because I filed for a CORA where the County Attorney supplied the release of records upon my request. Those groundless complaints/records all from POA board members and their cohorts. In addition, I received a summons to court, as a result, the judge refused to see me because of the POA’s bogus, groundless complaint.

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