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DHHOA Meeting 2022

DHHOA Meeting 2022 held at a local coffee shop in Florissant Thursday April 28. Where two former residents of the Druid Hills Subdivision got together for a meeting concerning old business . Seems a particular homeowner had sent emails out to everyone in the county. Slandering me and complaining about all of us. Nothing ever came of it! We did not know that this despicable person was conspiring to cause trouble behind our backs.

Old business

This person was my “neighbor from hell”!!! Continually complaining with groundless accusations to county officials, such as, commissioners, building department. Including the post office and other well known leaders in our community. He just could not leave people alone, had to cause harm every chance he got. He called me a nuisance and confessed my house lights were offensive. And he had witnesses to go along with that accusation. This was obviously a form of hate. With all the hate crimes he bestowed upon me, anyone else would of moved out of this subdivision.

As for my associates that were present at the DHHOA Meeting 2022. Equally hated by this man for no apparent reason. Other than we all stood up and did not bow down to the POA. Neither of us would follow their demands or take their words as truth. We knew better! None of us heard of this plot to get rid of us or cause us undue harm with false accusations. I imagine the officials must have been concerned but in the end considered the source. And let the complainer know we were innocent of these hate crimes,we were not doing anything wrong.

How board members of a rogue association can get away with continual harassment year after year. Is beyond any reasonable explanation of justice for those persecuted over and over again. Why the hatred not stopped! The stories and lies allowed to continue with no accountability for the harm done.

I spoke with another homeowners at the coffee shop that day. He told me the Brian Walker died. Therefore I investigated this news and found my “neighbor from hell” did die. The main reason most of the groundless complaints stopped. Good for us three, better for the community. I just bet the county officials are relieved to not be bothered anymore.

New business

DHHOA Meeting

The Thieves Ripped the horns off this animal and another Buck for trophies


Call OGT

Split ears son! This is unspeakable and cruel that someone ripped the horns off our wildlife friends. While cornered and tied up to do this crime of greed an unlawful act. I learned of this at the meeting . I had pictures sent to me and forwarded them to the authorities, Operation Game Thief (OGT). Keep your eyes open and contact them if you see anyone harming of our wildlife. I cannot comprehend how anyone can do this to an animal . Although OGT told me people do a lot worse things to animals, sadly. Contact them,save our Wildlife from Abuse-email game.thief@state.co.us by phone 1-877-265-6648

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About DruidHillsHOA

I'm Diana Foraci, a long time resident of the Druid Hills located in Florissant Colorado. I'm the owner of this site, representing the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association which represents this community in Good Faith, with Honor and Integrity.

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