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Neighbor from hell-Last week my neighbor that complained consistently about everyone. Left our subdivision, ‘cause for celebration’ noticing a serine feeling of calm now that the problematical neighbors are gone. As if a dark cloud lifted from Midnight Lane, our other neighbors on our block sensed the peacefulness.

Furthermore, realizing my obsessed neighbor from hell was behind the annoyance spoof calls that have mysteriously stopped. The minute he moved out. This former neighbor became a board member on the Property Owners Association (POA) as the Architectural Control Committee again. He intends to put more liens on properties in the future for not complying with the POA. That David Rusterholtz holds the title as president.

It seems to me, as if the capitalist’s are inspiring to gain in the Druid Hills. By turning profits to their advantage. A take over in mind! One definition is a person who has capital esp., invested in the business, a corporation behind the money collected (dues) is used to his advantage of practicing or advocating capitalism. What is your opinion?

Ignored by rogue association POA

As the Declarant member of the Homeowners Association (HOA), I recently received a letter from the POA.  I cannot convince the POA to stop demanding money from me for dues. Since I never volunteered to become a member of the POA! Never paid dues; therefore, they put an unjust lien on my property as retaliation.

The Teller County Court judge was biased, did not care what anybody said he had his mind made up; my attorneys did not do their job in filing anything on my behalf as evidence. I learned from my mistakes willing to put the whole thing behind me.

Nevertheless, twisting the truth as the POA does is unconscionable; I cannot believe a word coming from the POA. The case/hearing stopped with judge Sells, confirming he favored the POA on circumstantial evidence, without proof. Since they have been in operation for so long. The hearing was about the spurious lien, not about a legitimate governing body of our neighborhood. I am tired of all the lies David Rusterholtz keeps saying.

Moreover, the Colorado Court of Appeals has upheld nothing. Since I decided to drop the Appeal, the Appeal was ‘dismissed with prejudice’. Moreover, I saved myself from a long process by not wasting any more money to fight a corrupt group.

Beware the POA

Instead, question their validness! Spread the word to abolish the POA this will benefit us all. Not having the POA in existence in the Druid Hills Subdivision. This would make our subdivision a pleasant place to live again.

Lastly, about the $1500.00 increase of dues, is true! I have the POA on tape suggesting that amount! Another homeowner took a snapshot of meeting minutes of the POA mentioning raise in dues! Penalize homwowners for violations. Besides increase annual dues. We also need the liens removed from the public record David Rusterholtz! In particular, the unjust, lien put on my property, since I never joined. Or approved of the POA (forming without a single vote) or joined their corrupt voluntary association. Their Covenants of 2001 was re- recorded in Nov. 3, 2016. Is what the POA based the spurious liens on! There protective covenants put on their stone sign is the same that did not have the majority vote to pass. They really have no authority to demand anything from homeowners in the Druid Hills.  If you go to their annual meeting, speak out, ask them. What they have done with all the money they collected from dues all these years.

The DHHOA does not ask for dues! The DHHOA soul purpose is to abolish the POA period !! That have shown their true colors as frauds, liars and malicious people. Deceiving everyone out of their money and enjoying the profits on your dollar.


Diana Foraci





I was wondering why 6 months after the POA tried to sue me for slander, what a joke. That it was silent in the Druid Hills Subdivision and the complaints stopped. At least from this one individual that called me a nuisance. He made groundless complaints, fabricated stories, and hated people in general, too many to count.

In addition I met with two other homeowners this month. That pulled emails from various authorities that Brain Walker/ Neighbor from Hell. He complained to everyone on earth about us. Such a shame until his death he continued to lie, hate and spread untruthful rumors.

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