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Homeowner’s Opinion of POA

Druid Hills POA deceptive business practices

This is one “Homeowner’s Opinion of POA” from the many that moved out of our subdivision under duress from DHPOA. Just days before our closing, we were told that we had to pay dues to a non-mandatory Property Owner’s Association. The Druid Hills Property Owner’s Association. We said we did not wish to join the association because we wanted the opportunity to make that decision. After we had a chance to find out more about them. Make an educated decision, as it was clear that they are an”optional” association.

We have this “protest” documented in 3 emails sent to our title company. The title company said that they had no choice but to collect dues at the closing. Based on a “status letter” they received from the association here in this subdivision. The “status letter” does not disclose that they were optional, just how much they wanted for dues. It was simply “assumed”, even after we attested to it, that they were mandatory. Having a right to falsely require dues at property closings.

Instead of losing months of time and effort finding and purchasing our home, under duress and protest, we paid dues at closing. The sellers of our property, who owned and lived in this home for 10 years. disclosed on our contract that they were not aware of any mandatory associations, and yet was also forced to pay “back dues” or they would of lost the sale of the house. Rather than fight over $125, lose the sale of their home, which they had listed well over a year, they paid it under protest as well. Although this property was under a documented court ordered exemption against such actions filed in 2002 for all future property owners, we were still both forced to pay.

Deceptive POA Homeowner’s Opinion of POA

As consumers we were lied to and denied the right to opt out of joining an association that has no legal grounds to require dues at property closing in the first place. After moving in, we were bombarded with residents warning us of the Property Owner’s Association and their harassment tactics, as well as their other fraudulent activity.

Correspondence Homeowner’s Opinion of POA

We also received a letter shortly after we moved in from the Property Owner’s Association’s attorney. Mr. Mark Payne, bashing an HOA that is also here the DHHOA. Stating they were not mandatory, yet never disclosed their own status as a non-mandatory association. It was a very manipulative letter, leading people to believe that the POA was mandatory, when it is not. I called and left a message with Mr. Payne’s office. Requesting clarification and documentation as to their “mandatory” status, and was ignored, for obvious reasons.

Our property is located in Druid Hills Filing 2. Is actually exempt by a documented court order filed in 2002. Stating it was NOT under any requirements set forth by any POA’s or HOA’s, and included” all future owner’s”. The Property Owner’s Association is also well aware of this court order as it was done to protect the residents from the same extortion we are suffering. The order was facilitated by previous homeowner’s here in Druid Hills Filing 2 who were also attempting to fight the fraudulent activity taking place in this subdivision. Somehow these people have managed to circumvent all laws and governing regulations, and turned an entire subdivision into their hostages, without any legal action being brought against them.

Help from the DHHOA

There is also a non-mandatory association HOA here as well, they are trying to counter the actions of the POA. In an effort to protect the homeowners and raise awareness. As lies, over the years, have been accepted as truth by some. For the record, we are not a member of neither.

The DHPOA, Druid Hills Property Owner’s Association is taking advantage of the fact that there is no enforcement keeping them in check, or investigating their actions. Are blatantly lying to residents and using fear tactics to get dues. They are also telling people they maintain the roads and original signs in exchange for dues, when Teller County Road and Bridge Department has confirmed multiple times, that our roads are county roads, and this is part of our assessed tax bill each year. They finally stopped lying about this to certain people who knew better.

Plus Diana Foraci founder of the DHHOA has maintained the original two signs since 1982. Until the POA covered up the front sign on Stonehenge, the back sign on Druid Trail was on the ground. As if pulled down deliberately. Both were destroyed within the same few days.

Homeowner beware

The POA have also publicly announced in their small meeting which consist usually of just their board members. They intend to “watch” home owners, and in doing so, intend to commit acts of unlawful trespass. To “gain information”against those who are opposing them. They are selectively placing liens on properties they feel they want to cause problems for. Liens that are not legitimate, yet still cause duress- which serves their intended purpose.

They offer nothing of value at all for their “dues” to the community as a whole, which they just publicly announced they intend to eventually raise to $1500 a year, and without feedback or majority vote from owners. The just increased from $25 to $75 right before we moved in. Their “services” include renting a dumpster once a year and maybe a chipper between years, something that few rely on or even use. They cannot even substantiate the dues being asked for now, how they intend to justify $1500 a year, in a small rural mountain community, is not only ludicrous, but highly suspicious. There has been some inside information leaked stating that this “select” group of people intend to turn a specific area of the subdivision (their properties) into a gated community -while the rest of the homeowners pay for it with the “dues” they collect.

It has been heard and stated during their “meeting” by other residents that they need to increase their dues to go after non-paying residents, so we already know where the dues that were extorted from us at our closing, more than likely was spent, as they refuse to provide financials to document spending, and have failed to accurately and consistently provide financials for years-even when requested.

Cover up

There is a recent attempt to “scramble” to put together a more”professional looking”website. So they can appear to be more legitimate. Even thought they might technically be an “association” on paper, they remain a non-mandatory group, and have done very little, if anything, to adhere to the governing laws-because they know there is “no real enforcement” to investigate or stop their fraudulent activity. They are also notorious for yelling at people and throwing them out of their meetings, people that have a right to be present, and when they are opposed to anything, those people are ostracized and told to leave.

They are vote among themselves, a small group of individuals, and never obtain feedback or majority vote from residents. Are truly rogue and out of control. They solicit only feedback, votes from part of the subdivision. Leaving out the other half, and trying to make it seem as if they have the majority when they don’t. Most residents who pay dues are either doing so out of protest, or fear at this point.

Mr. David Rusterholtz is a known and proven liar to the residents of the Druid Hills. He is probably one of the most skilled liars I have ever met in my life.

Not Operating in Good Faith Homeowner’s Opinion of POA

The board members of the POA take advantage of the system. And they know how to use smoke and mirror tactics to perpetuate their scam on the residents. They are misrepresenting themselves during property closings in an effort to” fake it until they make it”. While forcing other residents out of the subdivision with threats, passive aggressive forms of harassment, as well as fake liens. There is even claims from some residents of wildlife and pets being poisoned. The County is aware of the nonsense as well. As certain board members in the past have abused local law enforcement. Calling in to make bogus complaints on residents who have been fighting their forceful “take-over” for years! After this happening multiple times, they were informed by the County that they needed to stop. Yet, there has been no real means of legal repercussion, so of course, the harassment continues.

Since then as one homeowner calls them. ” Their neighbor from hell”, a board member of the POA. Asked other board members at an annual meeting to complain to the County on his neighbor, because he couldn’t anymore.


Local real estate agents are being exploited by the POA, by their use of their marketing efforts to enforce the idea that they are a “mandatory” association. When they are absolutely not. They are telling people they are mandatory, and they are telling the real estate agents, they are a $75 a year association, and not disclosing they are “optional”. David Rusterholtz is also quoted in public dominion stating that they are a”mandatory association formed back in 1971″ which they are absolutely NOT. This manipulation and misrepresentation is being spread across all real estate marketing flyers and even online. So they harass residents to the point where they move out, they have a fresh opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting home buyers, and title companies, who just assume they are mandatory, gaining more “members” under false pretense and misleading “sales” tactics.

It’s well documented this POA did not even file for articles of incorporation until 1985, and never obtained signatures nor majority, and then lied to “fix” their mistake by filing an additional extension, and then lying about having the majority by fudging the numbers. They manipulatively did not solicit feedback from the other entire HALF of the subdivision’s property owners, who had already made it abundantly clear they did not want a POA.

Since their inception, the POA have been majority opposed, and have literally run homeowner out of the subdivision with their harassment and threats. They are devaluing the subdivision with the bad reputation they are creating, and only out of personal agenda of a select few members, have been fraudulently perpetuating their goals.

What they do

Homeowner’s Opinion of POA

Diminish the rights of homeowners to enjoy privacy and to live in peace and comfort, and through extortion and coercion, destroying the investments being made by homeowners. They have unlawfully superseded a court order by demanding dues from properties they have no jurisdiction over in the first place, and continue to pursue and force residents to pay dues that they do not have to pay. Using statutes as law, like they were a legitimate association operating in good faith. They are taking advantage of new home buyers and their ignorance of what has transpired here in the past. Are unlawfully, and only under the guise of fraud, acquiring new members.

They should be Made Accountable for their actions against homeowners. Investigated for fraud, racketeering, and exploitation of local, county, and state regulations. They Abuse the elderly in our subdivision while their consumer rights are ignored. They need to be permanently dissolved and unable to continue their harassment and fraudulent scam on this subdivision. Stealing from innocent homeowners that only wish to be left alone.

What needs to be addressed

Homeowner’s Opinion of POA

They are some of the best liars, manipulators, and deceivers we have personally ever encountered. And they need to be stopped. Due to the high costs associated with attorney fees, many residents have fled the subdivision. Even though there is legitimate fraudulent activity taking place that justify legal proceedings. We have only been here for a relatively short time, already considered selling and moving. Due to the drama and chaos perpetuating by this group of individuals. Ignored by DORA, stating they have ” no enforcement” resources. They are the only apparent ” regulating body” for these associations. This basically gives these types of individuals a loaded gun against the people.

There is more than enough evidence to properly identify them as a rogue association. Committing fraud and extortion against property and homeowners of the Druid Hills. David Rusterholtz has an interest in running for County Commissioner. This is disturbing considering the amount of fraud, extortion, and harassment he has willingly, and knowingly done. Brought upon the residents of a small mountain community. Here in Teller County Colorado for so long, the Druid Hills subdivision. A Homeowner’s Opinion of POA.



See upcoming post “What Happens to Those That Oppose the POA”

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