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What happens to those who oppose the POA

What happens to those who oppose the POA, the POA who we are and what we do!

Why are Druid Hills Residents paying non-mandatory dues to a Rogue POA?
How Do They Get Away With It

who they are

  • Vicious
  • Greedy
  • Back Stabbing liars

what they do

  • Spread false rumors
  • Assassinate your character
  • Complain to authorities
  • Slander those they oppose
  • Steal your money
  • Cheat and Lie about their rouge association

Known Actions As

  • Frauds
  • Prejudice
  • Abusive

They force people to pay dues for their voluntary association. That’s right VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATION. Homeowner’s, invited to join the Voluntary POA, Now forced to join when nothing has changed. Except losing in court to remove spurious lien, because I had Pettifogger attorneys and a biased judge that did not care what anybody said. Tried to do reversal of authority from judges actions,but my attorneys did not show my evidence or just cause.

Nevertheless, I should of won my case without a doubt. As a result the POA became even more abusive, going after everyone they could for their money paying back dues and assessments. They use Malicious Prosecution “Harassment by using law enforcement for groundless complaints”.

The POA mental reasoning of their compulsive behavior.

Teller County complaint driven; therefore, POA is taking advantage and abusing our broken system. Since the county must respond to every complaint regardless of validness.

They lie about their social standing, they are not Mandatory,Here is the definition:

Mandatory versus Voluntary – Are You Ruled by a HOA?

First, in order to create a mandatory association there has to be 100% participation in the association. That is to say the deed restrictions creating an association must have been recorded before any property was sold to a buyer or any property which was sold would have to sign a consent and joinder agreeing to be a member of the association.  A mandatory association cannot have less than 100% participation because that would mean not everyone is a mandatory member. 

A mandatory association can be created after the fact (after the sale of lots) if 100% of the lot owners agree to be bound to the association.

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Abusive authority hurts innocent homeowners here in the Druid Hills Subdivision. Not a peaceful or nice place to live when harassed continually by the POA. Recently the POA has taken two homeowners to court raising the amount so high that the victim stipulates so the court case is dismissed leaving the victim backing off, out of fear, submitting to a payment plan to the POA. This practice seems illegal in my opinion, is there nothing to stop increasing the amount owed from the start of court proceeding to the time court commences. These tactics leave the victim no choice but to give in that cannot afford the charges.

Another homeowner was a victim of abuse, having the sheriff called, the county alerted and another community-oriented establishment alerted because the POA did not like what this homeowner had parked on his property or other personal business.

The POA is not OPERATING IN GOOD FAITH using fear tactics, to get money from everybody they can picking at us one by one. They even are demanding me the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association for assessment’s for the past two years, what’s next raising the $162.00 to thousands as time goes by?

Reminds me of Mafia tactics, soaking business owner’s for their profits, requesting their hard earned money or else suffer the consequences

I found this online

Druid Hills Property Owners’ Association – ZoomInfo

https://www.zoominfo.com › druid-hills-property-owne…

Who is Druid Hills Property OwnersAssociation ; Headquarters: PO Box 91, Divide, Colorado, 80814, United States ; Website: www.druidhillspoa.org ; Revenue: <$5 …

Who is Druid Hills Property Owners’ Association

The Druid Hills Property Owners’ Association represents the residents and landowners in the Druid Hills subdivision, Florissant Colorado. Here you will discover much information and many resources related to the Druid Hills POA.Read More


PO Box 91, Divide, Colorado, 80814, United States



<$5 Million


About DruidHillsHOA

I'm Diana Foraci, a long time resident of the Druid Hills located in Florissant Colorado. I'm the owner of this site, representing the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association which represents this community in Good Faith, with Honor and Integrity.

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