Comparisons to Date


  • SOS 09-16-2015
  • DORA 11-13-2015
    • Type: 83 residential units
  • EIN 08-18-2022
  • Filled initial 990 08-19-22
  • IRS 501 (c) 4 License 05-31-2023


  • SOS 1987
  • DORA 06-21-2016
    • Type: 100 condominiums
    • EIN unkown
  • 990 Not filled
    • 501 c 4 Not Licensed
    • Nothing shown on IRS for DHPOA as tax exempt organization


DHHOA operates in Good Faith

That represents Druid Homeowners with integrity, without unethical or misleading actions. Complying with Local Colorado County, State and Federal Laws, as well as our original Covenants and Community, are more than enough to protect the sanctity and value, beautiful rural subdivision the Druid Hills.  The Druid Hills Home Owners Association (HOA) (DHHOA) is also a voluntary association.

Here to support and help homeowners welfare in our subdivision, providing our history to homeowners and preserve the original Druid Hills wooden signs since 1982 to their natural beauty. Have filed many documents with the county, exposing the truth. My services and expenses come out of my own pocket, for the betterment of our subdivision. My purpose is to operate in good faith,with no business income, gross receipts,no membership dues requested from my members.



DHPOA wants to get everyone to join them and pay dues. So they get the majority possibly to become mandatory. They are a voluntary association, you’re invited to join and become a member of the DHPOA. Therefore, dues are not mandatory as they’re telling everyone. They send out letters for association dues, then get their collection agency ALTITUDE to force you to pay, INCREASING THE BALANCE UNTIL YOU GIVE UP AND PAY, before you ever get the chance to go before a judge.

Not a Member does not pay dues

For your information Diana Foraci/DHHOA, I am, not a member of DHPOA, why would I join a fraudulent, corrupt, organization that slandered me for decades trying to get me to leave the Druid Hills and move. When Altitude was behind the judgement for attorney fees the DHPOA ignored my offer to pay. Altitude opened a new case adding their attorney fees to the judgement.

Other charges were thrown in that I did not owe, but my land was going to be in a force asset sale before the same judge that sided with the DHPOA since they had been in operation for so long and nobody took them to court until me.Since they had their claw in me, I paid 14K and put in the memo of the checks FORCED TO PAY AS NON-MEMBER. Altitude would not accept the checks and they kept raising the amount owed every few days. They did not want the money they wanted my property.My new attorney Mark Francis got them to take the money he knows they stole my money and I am not a member. The anguish and suffering I had to endure is overwhelming.

Still, I have kept the Druid Hills welfare in mind, telling the truth and giving my support filing documents with the clerk and recorder Teller County. Keeping our covenants force, sadly I could not do much about filing 2 Tracts A and B wetlands easements . They still are Federal Wetlands but the DHPOA removed the sign. As well as, the DHPOA covered up the front sign and pulled down the back sign that I restored through the years and eventually owned. My contribution to keep the signs in good condition keeping our heritage alive.



About DruidHillsHOA

I'm Diana Foraci, a long time resident of the Druid Hills located in Florissant Colorado. I'm the owner of this site, representing the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association which represents this community in Good Faith, with Honor and Integrity.

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