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Look in your own backyard. Recently I met Mari Marques a certified Herbalist right here in Florissant. Her business is called the Thymekeeper. Go to thymekeeper.com . I was amazed by her knowledge and expertise. Her greenhouse was sufficient to grow anything she needed to help the community. people with herbs to become healthier. I am taking a tonic she made, quite tasty, for my blood. She also has classes at a minimal charge to educate interested individuals about herbs that they may have in their own backyard.

What I learned from class :

Mullein good for respiratory problems,inflammation

Mallow decongestant relief heartburn

Nettle good for Kidney function

Chickweed Essential oil made with chickweed leaves and stems makes a great topical skin treatment for rashes, burns and bites.

Chickweed does not transplant well, so it’s best to sow the seeds right where you want the plants to be. For instance, Scatter seeds in the understory of your taller garden vegetables, keep moist until the plants are a couple of inches in height. Some sunlight is required, but even if they are shaded by the plants above it, they will germinate just fine. The plants will do well in full sun or part shade.
It will grow in most any soil type, but does really well here where I have a clay based soil amended with compost and I continually add new layers of organic mulch to break down into the soil. General rule is not too heavy, and not soggy (with most plants)

Germination time: 7-10 days

Planting Depth: 1/4″ to 1/8″

Sunlight: will germinate best with a little bit of light, so sow the seeds pretty close to the surface

Plant Spacing: 6″ minimum

Other Tips

Tr B has a lot of Canadian Thistle that Kendra informed me about before she moved.This can spread to your land, if you have this problem try this, cut the stem midway down ,pour vinegar down the stem shaft this will kill the plant. Good luck (info from DAVID)

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