Operation Game Thief : the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association supports the humane treatment of animals as a charitable purpose.

Called Operation Game Thief (OGT). See new business in my 2022 Newsletter. Someone ripped off the horns of buck pictured. In today’s Courier July 5,2023, Colorado Parks and Wildlife , OGT is asking the public for help, identifying person or persons who killed Bull Elk. June 24 and the morning of June 26 between the towns of Como and Hartsel.

Anybody who has seen anyone or witnessed anyone who dumped the carcass alongside Pike National Forest Road 146. Just east of the Buffalo Subdivision. Only a single backstrap had been removed from the Elk. Picture in Courier shows camouflage draped over the Elk’s body. This person had cut one of the antlers in half then left it on the ground near the carcass. The Elk , shot twice by a high powered rifle. Wildlife Officers are asking and hoping someone camping in the Terryall area or a resident from Indian Mountain or Buffalo Subdivision saw or heard something. That may help solve the case.


Information can be provided ANONYMOUSLY through Operation Game Thief by phone 877-265-6648.Email-game.thief@state.co.us.


A $1000.00 reward is being offered in this case. And Diana Foraci is offering $500.00 by the Druid Hills HomeOwners Association- a DHHOA contribution, OGT contact me dsvm2001@yahoo.com.

A person who is willing to testify about information they provide which led to the filing of charges would be eligible for a preference point or a hunting license in this case.

“This was a senseless and disgraceful act that demonstrates a complete disregard for our state’s Wildlife. And the parties responsible need to be held accountable,”said District Wildlife Manager Ian Petkash.

Poaching is a serious and costly crime. It robs legitimate sports people of game and fish, businesses and taxpayers of revenue generated by hunting and fishing. This robs all of us of a valuable natural resource that makes Colorado so special: OUR WILDLIFE.



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