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DruidHillsHOA Attacked

Druid Hills POA Board Members are NOT fit for Office

Druid Hills HOA attacked, again I found the Druid Hills POA has taken my name DruidHillsHOA as their Domain- DruidHillsHOA.com. Whereas, I consider this willful infringement What is willful infringement? Infringement or active inducement of infringement is willful when it is done deliberately and intentionally, and with knowledge of the …

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Newsletter to Homeowners 2023

Druid Hills POA deceptive business practices

Greeting homeowners some good news for our community in Druid Hills Subdivision. An influential homeowner is asking questions about the illegality of the Druid Hills Property Homeowners Association. Not operating in good faith, and they seem reluctant to comply and ignore requests. Moreover, business as usual elevates as their poor …

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