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Contact Druid Hills HOA – DHHOA

Would you like to share something you feel is important for the community to know?  Did you have a wildlife encounter or know of a possible hazard or danger to the community you would like to report? Perhaps you saw something that bothered you, or something you are unsure of? Did something happen to make you feel unwelcome? Harassed? Lots of good people have left this subdivision-WHY?  Has your encounter with the other association been productive, positive or otherwise questionable.

Contact Druid Hills HOA – DHHOA

Or Maybe you would like to share an upcoming event, request some help from local residents, or even offer your services to the community?

Please use this contact form to reach out to the Druid Hills Home Owner’s Association for these and any other inquires you may have! You will never know unless you ask a question that matters to you or anyone else that may not be telling the truth. Rumors are easy to believe but they are not backed up and only hurt those that they are directed to in order to divert the truth and make them look as if they are not deceptive.

Meaning that a lie is easy to believe if you do not have proof or ask about what you are hearing, is it the right thing to do by ignoring the truth and believing the lie. No of course not you are better than this. Stand up and feel good about living in the Druid Hills Subdivision. This was once a peaceful free place to live, not bullied by a rogue association that demands dues for nothing rendered. The only people that take advantage of services is the POA and their cohorts.  The majority of us could care less about a dumpster or chipping sometimes.

You do not have to give your real name if you wish to remain anonymous, just use an alias – I understand!

Link https://www.aboutdruidhillshoa.com

Link https://www.druidhillshomeowners.com

*This form is not intended to be used for any malicious purpose. Any such attempts will be investigated, reported, and legally addressed.